Bringing Communities Back From the Brink, the Fogo Island Way

An inspired social enterprise takes a fierce do-it-yourself approach that taps local strengths in novel ways

The Fogo Island Inn
  • Fogo Island Arts, a residency-based art venue for artists, designers, and thinkers from around the world;
  • a micro-lending fund for small businesses on Fogo Island and neighbouring Change Islands;
  • heritage building preservation initiatives; and
  • sustainable fishing research that cares for the health of the ocean.
“We want to be here 100 years from now and look more or less like people our ancestors would recognize. Every Fogo Islander can see something in that. Everything people feel about themselves will follow from action, so you better get out and you better dance.”
Economic Nutrition Labelling

I write about new management ideas. And other stuff. Author of Where Is Here: Canada’s Maps and the Stories They Tell.

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